'Pavithra Vana' loses its charm

'Pavithra Vana' loses its charm

'Pavithra Vana' loses its charm

With an aim to add beauty to the city, the forest department had opened ‘Pavithra Vana’ in the year 1986-87 under the guidance of the then DCF P Srinivas.

Today, with the sheer negligence of the forest department, this garden has become a headache instead of a place to enjoy the evenings amidst greenery and nature.

Today, Pavithra Vana is a hotspot of immoral activities. When poachers hunt animals here for fun, drunkards are found doped in alcohol.

Meanwhile, waste from meat stalls, hotels, garbage, plastic is dumped in the vana. When one arrives city through Kadur road, they are welcomed with a strong stench emanating from the vana. Thanks to the 'Pavithra Vana' which meant to be sacred forest and is not so clean anymore.

One can get a beautiful view of the hills and nature from this forest. This forest was a famous spot and the shooting of the famous duet 'Bandhalu bandhalu Kanchana..." by Shankar Nag and Bhavya for film Sangliyana was shot here.

Pavitra Vana which has Churchaguda forest and Kalasapura mountain range is home to leopards, deer, peacocks, wild sheep and other animals. Sandalwood trees which are naturally grown here are stolen by tree smugglers. Poaching is also common, complain environmentalists.

Today, the garden which was supposed to attract tourists has become a black spot.

There is a need to set up a permanent anti-poaching camp here, so that wild animals and forest resources can be protected for the future generation, said Environmentalists.

There is a need to bring back the sanctity of the ‘Pavithra Vana.’ It was set up spending a fruitful time far away from the madding crowd, and this purpose should be served. Steps will be taken revive the beauty of the vana, says Deputy Conservator of Forest Venkateshan.