Now, Rogge hails Bolt

International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Jacques Rogge hailed Usain Bolt as the greatest sprinter of all time on Sunday as he moved to quell a row with the Jamaican superstar.

Bolt’s barnstorming 4x100 finale came just days after Rogge had said final judgement on the sprinter’s place in the Olympic pantheon would have to wait until his career was over.Rogge’s comments were given short shrift by Bolt however following relay triumph.

However Rogge moved to damp down the verbal spat as the Games drew to a close. Asked again where he ranked Bolt, Rogge replied: “It is a semantic question but you would say that Usain Bolt is an active performance legend, an icon and the best sprinter of all time.”

Rogge was speaking in a closing press conference in which he declared the London Olympics had been a “dream for sports lovers”, praising organisers for delivering an “athletes’ Games.”

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