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Neglected stepwell

Badami, earlier known as Vatapi, the capital of the Chalukyas, is a heritage centre of world renown. It is a town and taluk headquarters in Bagalkot district of the State. 

The principal attractions at this Chalukyan town is Menabasadi (caves) and a spacious kalyani (stepwell) that has a lot of historical significance. The well is known as Agastya Teertha. 

Today, the well is in a pathetic condition. The beautiful and intricate carvings around the kalyani are a sight for sore eyes. The water in the well itself, however, has been polluted.

Clothes are washed by villagers in this stepwell day in and day out, while the open area around the stepwell has been used as a public toilet. Not much attention has been paid towards the cleanliness and maintenance of this stepwell. A town that receives throngs of tourists all through the year needs to pay a little more attention towards maintaining its world-heritage structures. 

H S Byakod

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