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A game to remember

The Longest Yard’ stars Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, James Cromwell, Nelly, William Fichtner, David Patrick Kelly and Tracy Morgan. Paul (played by Adam Sandler) used to be a revered football superstar in his heyday. When he gets arrested for a drunk driving accident, he lands in the jail of Warden Hazen (James Cromwell) as per the latter’s request. 

The jail warden is quite aware of Paul’s skills as he assigns him the task of getting together a team of footballers among the convicts and train them for a game against the guards.
 Watch the film to see how Paul and his motley team face the sadistic guards on the football ground. 

‘The Longest Yard’ airs on Zee Studio at 9 pm on August 14. 

Stuck in a scary house

Vaastu Shastra stars Sushmita Sen, J D Chakravarthi, Peeya Rai Chowdhary, Sayaji Shinde and Rajpal Yadav. Sushmita Sen plays Jhilmil, who is a doctor and her husband Virag is a writer. Along with them live their son, Rohan and Jhilmil’s sister, Radhika. They move into a lonely bungalow a few kilometres away from Pune. 

The women go to Pune everyday while Virag writes at home. Rohan is left with the new maid Rukma. Rohan is thrilled to inform his family that he has befriended Manish and Jyoti. They are surprised as they have no neighbours for miles around, but think that the kids are a part of the child’s imagination. A few days later, Rohan complains of Rukma trying to kill him. No one takes him seriously till a police inspector rings their doorbell to inform them that Rukma had been killed by a hit and run driver. 

The policeman also tells them that they had a witness saying that Rukma had attempted to kill Rohan. If Rohan had been telling the truth all along, then who were his two new friends? Tune in to the movie at 9.30 pm on Filmy on August 14 to find out.

Interesting facts about space

Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman’ airs on August 14 at 8 pm on Discovery Science. Explore the mystery about the universe with Academy Award winning actor and space enthusiast Morgan Freeman, who hosts and narrates some interesting facts about the universe on this show. 

Ambitious project to take on

Mohalla Assi, directed by Chandraprakash Dwivedi, has reached its last round of dubbing. Almost all the main actors of the movie have finished dubbing and the film’s main hero, Sunny Deol, has also started dubbing for his character. 

This is the first time in his career that Sunny Deol plays the role of a Sanskrit teacher. 

Sunny Deol has recently returned from abroad and is all set to start shooting for his next film, Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 soon and thus has taken time off his busy schedule to dub for Mohalla Assi.

Shot by the streams and ghats of the River Ganges at Varanasi, Mohalla Assi is based on the works of the famous novelist and storyteller Dr Kashinath Singh’s Kashi Assi. 

Apart from Sunny Deol as the main lead in the film, Sakshi Tanwar, Ravi Kishan, Mukesh Tiwari, Saurabh Shukla and Rajendra Gupta are also playing key characters.

The film is said to be about an honest man’s battle against drug trade and the growing battle against pornography in the Banaras Ghats.

Best friend turned monster

Jennifer’s Body’ airs on Movies Now at 6 pm on August 14. Needy (Amanda Seyfried) and Jennifer (Megan Fox) are friends despite being as different as chalk and cheese.

Needy is an introvert bookworm while Jennifer is an arrogant and conceited cheerleader.

Strangely, Jennifer develops an appetite for human blood. Soon, Needy sees her male classmates being killed in appalling attacks. 

It’s up to Needy to get to the bottom of the truth and find a way to stop Jennifer from killing more people. 

Action sequences and lots of fun

Catch ‘Rush Hour 3’ on HBO at 11.30 pm on August 14. The movie stars Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker and Max Von Sydow and is directed by Brett Ratner. 

The flick has plenty of action adventure and a bit of comedy as well. Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan reunite to battle the Chinese triads in this fast-paced film. 

Tune in to the movie for one and a half hours of pure action and nail-biting sequences.

Thoughts of revenge

Karma airs on Zee Cinema at 9 pm on August 14. In this movie, jailer Vishwanath (Dilip Kumar) slaps the terrorist Dang (Anupam Kher) while he is in prison. When Dang’s army spring him out of jail, the first thing he does is kill Vishwanath’s two sons and daughter-in-law. 

His wife loses her vocal chords due to shock. Now Vishwanath has to make a plan to wipe out the evil terrorist and his army. For this, he recruits three prisoners, Baiju (Jackie Shroff), Johnny (Anil Kapoor) and Kisti (Naseeruddin Shah). But will these men help him or make their escape once they are out of jail?

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