A wet, fun Saturday on campus

Saturdays in campus are usually lazy with lesser number of lectures lined up for students.

Also, with Sunday plans playing on their minds, ­usually a major crowd bunks going to college and heads home to spend their weekend in peace. Saturday last was not too different either, till a sudden shower changed the mood of the campus from hot and humid to cool and romantic. 

With students few and far between, the day’s monotony was soaring and competing with the scorching sun. The environment was unbeara­b­le, to put it mildly. Many crouched under the shade of trees but found no respite. Others took to the cooler environs in front of Vishvavidyalay Metro station but could hardly beat the heat. Couples too were having a tough time romancing.

But just then the sun hid behind some clouds and the campus saw a downpour. 

Students who until then had been trying to hide under the trees came out to get dre­n­ched in the refreshing rain. There was no way, Aakash would have missed the opportunity. Aakash Jain, a student of Hindu College who was thoroughly enjoying unexpected showers said, “It is awesome, this weather. Usually Saturdays are low profile days in the campus because of the weekend. But today I feel that those who have mis­s­ed their classes have also mis­s­ed the fun of this weather!”

But not everyone was thrilled about getting soaked though they too were happy that it had rained. The girls especially tried their best to avoid getting dre­n­c­h­ed. Those carrying their umbrellas to protect themse­lves from the harsh sun, got lucky.

Walking towards the metro station, Priyanka Dhar, a student of Ramjas College said, “This year I have used my umbrella more for the sun than for rains. But I am glad that it has rained today because the temperature was unbearable. Also, due to the monsoon playing hide and seek this season, one hardly gets a chance to flaunt monsoon accessories but today is the right day!” 

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