Sound captured in images


In the ongoing photo exhibition titled ‘Sound of Solitude’, Pankaj Mistry captures dargahs from all across the country. The photographs express the sounds of silence.

Those which can be heard and those that remain unheard. Silence, and so the lensman says, can be deafening, unnerving, overwhelming, tranquil and meditative.

And solitude whether enforced or self-imposed can be equally overwhelming, devastating, serene and in the right frame of mind, meditative.

The photographs taken particularly in dargahs attempt to explain that sounds waves have existed perpetually in the cosmos, over eons. They have been, paradoxically speaking, a silent witness to each passing era and added to their existence over an immeasurable span of time.

Philosophically explaining his piece of art Mistry says, “I have tried to bring forth the language of solitude. Solitude with its profound silence envelopes you and has the power to overwhelm you. When solitude is enforced - the screams can be of anguish, loneliness and pain insurmountable and seemingly unconquerable.

It is only when this solitude is transformed into a self-imposed state because of the change in our thoughts that it becomes a meditative state. This is where it no longer remains in a state of imprisonment but brings you freedom from the clutches of set norms of society, state and self. This realisation brings forth the understanding of being alone, complete, with oneself, with self and within self.”

According to the photographer, these ‘Sounds of Solitude’ have the power to transform your life, help you understand your past, present and the your state in future, provided you are receptive in your mind and soul.

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