'Nirmala Nagara' project yet to take off in Kolar city

City Municipal Council searching for land for solid waste disposal

The containers purchased two years ago for collection and disposal of wastes are virtually rusting in the premises of City Municipal Council. So are the vehicles purchased to lift and transport these containers. The programme was introduced during the tenure of Congress government led by S M Krishna as the chief minister.

The primary objective of Nirmala Nagara project is to collect domestic waste generated in urban limits and transport the garbage so collected to a designated place through containers.

The City Municipal Council seems to have stumbled at the beginning itself. It has so far failed to identify a suitable place for disposal of the solid waste. Majority of the City Municipalities - 42 out of the total 44 in the State - have already identified the garbage dump yard and are in the process of acquiring it for further use. However, Kolar is the one of the two CMCs in the State that have not identified the place so far.

Plan gone awry

In fact, it was planned to purchase 25 acre of land near Varadenahalli on City outskirts for dumping garbage, in the initial years of the project. The government had released Rs 60 lakh for the purpose too. Even as the CMC was to commence acquisition process, a private entity has put forward a proposal before the Chief Minister to construct a goshala at the proposed dump yard. The acquisition, in view of this proposal, has thus suffered a setback. Convinced of the non-availability of this land, the City Municipal Council is now searching for the landfill site at other locations.

Meanwhile, the practice of dumping the garbage lifted from over 200 dustbins in the City on farm lands is being continued. The garbage, transported on tractors is being emptied into pits and even dried up tanks on City  outskirts.

The task of collecting the garbage from households has not at all commenced in the City. The prospect of paying money for the service is weighing heavily in citizens.

The civic workers are now disposing off the garbage at “no-man’s” sites. There are also instances of not lifting the garbage for three days as a result of which foul smell starts emanating from the pile. There are also incidents skirmishes between owners of agricultural lands and the City Municipality workers over disposing off the garbage.

Collection of garbage from households in urban limits was in practice in the City earlier. The sole purpose of Nirmala Nagara project was to streamline the collection and disposal of the garbage, using containers, in a more scientific way. The CMC seems to be under the impression that the concept of Nirmala Nagara is an old one.

Notwithstanding the obstacles in the implementation of Nirmala Nagara, it is high time that the City Municipal Council takes steps in the right earnest to streamline garbage disposal  and maintain sanitation in the City.

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