Besieged panchayat officer rescued by police

Besieged panchayat officer rescued by police

Besieged panchayat officer rescued by police

Taluk Panchayat executive officer Vijaya Prakash, who was prevented from attending a meeting on Monday by five JD(S) members, was rescued by the police.

The members said there had been bias and injustice in the new action plans of the Taluk Panchayat. They said the executive officer was working hand-in-glove with the TP president and administrative officers in implementation of action plans for projects under the 13th Financial Plan.

“We had opposed the implementation during the general body meeting on July 2, 2012, yet, the executive officer has sent the action plans to the Zilla Panchayat for approval,” said the women.

Police officers who arrived on the scene requested the protesting members to let go of the officer, but the members were adamant, saying they had been at the receiving end of prejudice in the TP plans all through.

The police, however, intervened, asking the members to fight out the issue at the meeting and forced them to let go of executive officer.

Melur Gram Panchayat president K Manjunath said it was shameful for democracy if a general body meeting in the presence of a legislator required police security.

Accident averted

A bus, which had lost its brakes, struck a protective wall at Teralli Hills road in Kolar on Monday. The action by the bus driver helped avert a major accident.

The overloaded KSRTC bus had been travelling down a narrow section of road on the hill, when the brakes failed. The driver, Shivanna coasted the vehicle for a distance and then guided it towards a protective wall on the left side of the road, to bring it to a stop. No one was injured.

KSRTC officials said that if Shivanna had driven the bus to the right, which overlooked a steep valley, the accident would have claimed many lives.

Passengers have expressed anger over the limited bus service along this route.

“Hundreds of people travel along this route especially during mornings and evenings. But there is only one bus. So a large number of people are forced to travel to wait for this single bus.

We need at least another bus to operate along this route. But the transport department has neglected our demands,” said Muniyappa, a Kondarajanahalli GP member, and Khaleel Ahmed and Shankar of Teralli.

Traffic Controller K V Shivakumar, who visited the location, said that the bus which has suffered the accident had been a well-maintained vehicle with a good engine.

“But as the route involves frequent highs and dips along the hill, speed breakers have been removed. The brakes failed because there were more people than the bus could accommodate.”

Traffic Inspector Nagaraj, driving trainer J Narayanaswamy visited the spot.