Kalpasar dam project yet to take off

The Kalpasar Dam project, envisaged a decade ago to solve the water woes in Saurashtra and Kutch regions in Gujarat, is yet to take off. The project, which is estimated to cost Rs 33,000 crore, was conceptualised in 1998 to establish fresh water reservoir in sea by building a dam on the Gulf of Khambhat, with projected storage capacity of 10,000 million cubic metre.

However, the project is still in study phase, even as the state is grappling with non-availability of water due to scanty rainfall.

“Studies like Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for phase I of Kalpasar project, comprising 15 km barrage on the Narmada Dam are almost over. All mandatory clearances for it will be in place by the end of this fiscal,” a top official of Kalpasar project told PTI.

“The requisite clearances for phase II involving 30 km dam from Bhavnagar to Dahej are expected by 2013-14,” he said.

The project proposes construction of a dam on the Gulf of Khambat, leading to creation of 2,000 sq km fresh water reservoir. After the completion, it is expected to provide water for drinking and irrigation purposes to parched pockets of the state like Saurashtra and Kutch.

It also proposes to link Saurasthra to south Gujarat by a 30-km dam, with a 10-lane road, officials said.  The project offers a slew of opportunities for setting up renewable energy projects like solar, wind and tidal.

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