Net thief steals Rs 11 lakh

A former call centre employee has been arrested for allegedly stealing credit card information of foreigners and using it for online purchases worth over Rs 11 lakh, police said on Monday.

Palam Colony-resident Vineet Kumar Jha, 22, a commerce graduate from Delhi University’s Open School of Learning, worked in several BPOs in Noida and Gurgaon during the past three years, but left the industry about two months ago.

“At one of his previous offices, he used to deal with online customers of personal computers by offering add-on products and services.

The customers, under the impression that they were interacting with the supplier of their personal computers trusted and provided credit card details for the purchase of online products and services,” said Sandeep Goel, joint commissioner of police (economic offences wing).

“Later, Vineet used this credit card information to purchase goods online. He chose to use the information of customers residing abroad to avoid easy detection. He further sold these merchandise items to various people through second-hand goods dealers,” he added.

The scam was busted after a complaint was registered by an online sale-purchase portal on August 3 regarding unauthorised purchase of goods on their website using stolen credit card information.

It was alleged that Vineet, one of the regular users of website, had been carrying out suspicious transactions using various credit card information. Accordingly, a case was registered and investigation has been taken up by the Delhi Police cyber cell.

During investigation, it was found that Vineet made purchases worth Rs 11.28 lakh till date. In this connection, ICICI Bank had already received a chargeback request for Rs 1.08 lakh from original card holders.

“We further unearthed that the IP addresses used in the transactions belonged to Vineet. Thereafter, a discreet enquiry with regard to Vineet was conducted and it was found that he was actively engaged in online shopping and was giving different addresses and telephone numbers for the delivery of goods,” Goel added.

It also came to light that over the past two months, he ordered several high-end mobile phones online, and made payments by using credit card details of people residing abroad.

Then a trap was laid and Vineet was apprehended red handed while accepting parcels purchased using stolen credit card information from a delivery boy.

Vineet told police that he mostly purchased electronic items as it is easier to sell them in the open market. Three high-end mobile phones, a DVD player and a digital camera have been recovered from his possession.

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