JD-U embarrasses NDA in RS

In an embarrassment to the NDA, its key constituent JD-U today strongly objected to certain remarks made by members of BJP and Shiv Sena in the Rajya Sabha on the recent Mumbai violence to protest against the Assam riots.

Shivanand Tiwari (JD-U) was angry after Balbir Punj (BJP) and Sanjay Raut (Shiv Sena) questioned the cause behind the violence in Mumbai and suggested that if anybody wanted to go to Pakistan they were free to do so.

Tiwari likened the comments to "the language of footpath" and made a strong demand for expunging the "brazen communal" remarks from the proceedings.

Amid the din over the issue, the House was adjourned for ten minutes after which Tiwari also went to the Rajya Sabha Chairman's office to lodge a protest.

After the House resumed, P J Kurien, who was in the Chair said he will go through the records and if anything was found unparliamentary and unsubstantiated, he will remove it.

Tiwari also wanted a structured debate on the issue, which was later quickly supported by BJP's Arun Jaitely. Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde also agreed to the demand if any such notice is given by the members paving the way for resumption of the proceedings.

Earlier raising the issue, Punj slammed the organisers of the agitation in Mumbai saying they had no sympathy for native Bodos of Assam but supported the "foreign infiltrators".

Attacking them for the violence in Mumbai, Punj asked as to how the people of Mumbai could be held responsible for the violence with Muslims in Myanmar.

He also suggested that the Congress-led government at the Centre and Maharashtra did not take action in the matter due to "vote bank" politics.

Joining him Sanjay Raut (Shiv Sena) said, "what relations they have with the Muslims of Bangladesh and Myanmar that they are burning Mumbai for it," Raut said.

At this Tiwari lost cool. "Such a language was used in the House of Elders like the one that is used in footpath... I demand the remarks made against the national interest should be expunged. Expunge the brazen communal remarks. Such communal talks can
not be allowed in the Indian Parliament," he said.


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