Section of judiciary corrupt, says Mamata

Section of judiciary corrupt, says Mamata

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Tuesday said a section of the judiciary was corrupt, claiming that there were instances where court judgments have been bought for money.

"At times favourable verdicts are given in return for money. There are instances when judgments have been purchased. There is corruption among a section of the judiciary. I know there can be a case against me for saying this. But this must be said and I am ready to go to jail for saying so," Banerjee said on the occasion of the West bengal assembly's platinum jubilee celebrations.

She also questioned the rationality of judicial commissions. "There have been so many judicial commissions set up but where is the result? So much money is spent on these commissions but the only thing they do is talk to higher officials and do nothing," she added.

Ironically, Banerjee herself has set up several such commissions, including one to probe the AMRI Hospital fire tragedy in Kolkata that claimed 94 lives last year. Banerjee's remarks drew flak.

Calcutta High Court advocate Arunava Ghosh accused her of suffering from "persecution complex" and said her comment is tantamount to criminal contempt of court.

"She cannot accuse the judiciary like this. It is surely a criminal contempt of court. The problem is, she suffers from persecution complex. The court is honest if the verdict is in her favour. But now that the Singur judgment has gone against her, she is now accusing the judiciary of being corrupt," Ghosh told IANS.

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