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Pure Sync Home Edition

PureSync is a Windows program to synchronise files and folders, and automatically create backups in the background. People sync files for many reasons: between computers and USB drives for easy portability, between computers and external hard drives to create backups, and between cameras and computers to edit and share images.  It is easy to use and is free.


(Contributed by Avinash.G)

Protect your email 

Most of us don't like to share our email ids on any public forum as it amounts to extending an open invite to spammers. But here is a way out. Go to www.scr.im and paste your email id on the text box on its home page. Scrim converts it (joe@email.com) into a short, cute and safe link (http://scr.im/joe), which you can share on the web. 

People, who want to send you a genuine email, can go this URL that will reveal your email address after a simple test that automated scripts and bots cannot pass. The service is free.

(Contributed by Debu Mohanty)

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