Shreema steals the show

Shreema steals the show

Mysore girl captures fourth gold on day two

Shreema, winner of the 200 metres on the first day, won her favourite event, the 100M hurdles, in 14.49 seconds and anchored Mysore Division’s 4x100M relay to the gold before claiming the discus throw with a distance of 37.98 metres. On a cloudy day, Mysore’s  4X100M quartet of Ankitha N V, Namitha S Rai, Sushmitha Devadas and Shreema strolled home in 50.1 seconds to grab the gold.

There was a touch of controversy too to the second day’s programme, with Mysore and Bangalore Rural failing to finish in the men’s 4x100 relay. Mysore dropped the baton to crash out while Mohan Kumar, Rural’s lead off runner, stopped after a few metres into the race.

Mohan got confused by a whistle from the nearby kho-kho court. “I heard a double whistle and I thought it was for a false start. So I stopped the running. We have a lodged a protest with the organisers and are waiting for their reply,” said an upset Mohan.

Bangalore Urban quartet of Amith Yadav S, Bopanna G N, Adithya G K and Kiran H B won the gold in 43.50 seconds. Akshaya S B won her second gold of the meet, claiming the triple jump title with an effort of 12.00 metres. She had won the long jump gold on the first day.

Earlier, Amith Yadav of Bangalore Urban comfortably beat his rivals to win the 110M hurdles in 15.30 seconds. Arshad M of Bangalore Urban also was a double winner, clinching the triple jump with a leap of 14.81 metres.

Results: Men:
800M: Renjith Rai (Mys) 1:59.06, 1; Vishwambhara (Bangalore Urban) 1:59.46, 2; Raghu D (Blr Urban) 2:00.00, 3.

110M hurdles: Amith Yadav (Blr Urban) 15.30 seconds, 1; Mahendra Rao J (Mys) 15.70, 2; Samarth Sadashiva (Mys) 15.90, 3. Discus throw: Rajiv Mishra (Bel) 41.72 metres, 1; B C Rajeev (Blr Rural) 39.40, 2; Nandesh (Mys) 37.25, 3. Triple jump: Arshad M (Blr Urban) 14.81 metres, 1; Sandesh B Poonja (Mys) 13.85, 2; Rajshahed B (Mys) 12.82, 3.
4X100M relay: Bangalore Urban (Amith Yadav S, Bopanna G N, Adithya G K, Kiran H B) 43.5, 1; Belgaum (Sameer P B, Jeevan P, Sumeet Patil, Rizwan B) 46.3, 2.

Women: 800M: Jyothi Kolekar (Blr Urban) 2:23.06, 1; Indira B E (Blr Urban) 2:24.70, 2; Tesoniyi Y N (Mys) 2:29.70, 3. 100M hurdles: Shreema Priyadarshini (Mys) 14.49 seconds, 1; Namitha S Rai (Blr Urban) 16.34, 2; Raksha (Blr Urban) 17.05, 3. Triple jump: Akshaya S B (Mys) 12.00 metres, 1; Joyline M Lobo (Mys) 11.94, 2; Bhavya Mandanna (Blr Urban) 10.99, 3. Discus throw: Shreema Priyadarshini (Mys) 37.98 metres, 1; Sushma S (Mys) 32.29, 2; Athira Varkey (Blr Rural) 27.87, 3.

4X100M relay: Mysore (Ankitha N V, Namitha S Rai, Sushmitha Devadas, Sreema Priyadarshini) 50.1, 1; Bangalore Urban (Raksha, Vanditha, Indira, Manjushree) 51.8, 2; Bangalore Rural (Veena A Kulkarni, Apsana SK, Reena George, Bhuvi B Shanker) 52.9, 3.