Reminiscences of a freedom fighter

Reminiscences of a freedom fighter

Those heady days...

Reminiscences of a freedom fighter

Freedom fighters from Bagepalli played a prominent role in the freedom movement. Some underwent imprisonment and others even sacrificed their lives.

Some entered into the pages of history, while others reminisce their days of glory.

Among those freedom fighters is N V Krishnamachar of Niragattipalli village. The patriot who underwent months of imprisonment during the pre-independence days is active even today.

The son of Venkataramachari and Narasamma, he had his early education at Government Higher Primary School in Acchepalli village and completed his high school in Chintamani.

Following the call from Mahatma Gandhi, he became involved in the freedom movement.

“There was no discrimination of any kind in the freedom movement. Everyone responded to the call given by Gandhi and joined in the struggle. I too was inspired”, he recalls.

People supported the movement, if not monetarily, than by joining in the struggle. It was not just lip service. We went enthusiastically wherever we were called for protests, he said.

“On the midnight that freedom was declared, there was celebration that whole night. We, who were undergoing imprisonment in Bangalore Central jail were released four days later and we returned to out village.

Krishnamachar said he attended the summer camp held at Hindupur in Andhra Pradesh.

His friends Appaswamy Reddy, Sangathoori Vidwan Vishwam, Kaleshwara Rao, Muniraju also participated. Krishnamachar is disappointed at the present day politics of self interest and casteism. “After independence, the rich have become richer and poorer have become poorer. I feel sad when I see people living in huts,” he says.

“We had great dreams for an independent India, free from oppression and exploitation. However, years after independence our dreams have faded,” he adds.