Mamata says some judges are corrupt

Bengal CM launches bitter attack on judiciary

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said in the Assembly on Tuesday that a section of the judiciary was corrupt and claimed she knew of instances wherein favourable court judgements were bought for money.

“I know instances when judgements have been purchased and favourable verdicts have been given in return for money.  I am telling this in the Assembly and I know there can be a defamation case against me and even I can be arrested. But I need a platform to say what I have been observing," Banerjee said on the occasion of the West Bengal Assembly's platinum jubilee celebrations.

"There have been so many judicial commissions set up but where is the result? So much money is spent on these commissions but the only thing they do is talk to higher officials and do nothing," she added. Banerjee’s strong remarks about judiciary came after the West Bengal Human Rights Commission awarded Rs 50,000 to  Jadavpur University Professor Ambikesh Mahapatra, who was arrested for circulating a cartoon allegedly defaming the chief minister.  Banerjee targeted politicians too.  “Today valueless politics has become the order of the day. Why do we have to beg for money during elections?”
She went on: “Some people will give some money and buy the politicians and then they will loot thousands of crores of rupees from the country. They will decide the future of the country... who will come to politics, become the chief minister, the Prime Minister and the President and the Vice President of the country... they will dictate. This cannot happen”.

She said that in states like Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur, voters are bought for money while in a state like Tamil Nadu candidates spend over Rs 20 crore in election campaigns. “Where is the democracy today? Accountability should be for everybody. We need to strengthen democracy because a weak democracy gives rise in lawlessness. We need an electoral process where money would play no role,” she said.

“In spite of their desire, good people refrain from entering politics because huge money is required for that. We need immediate electoral reforms so that these corrupt practices are weeded out,” she added.

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