'The clothes made the competition'

'The clothes made the competition'

This time around, the Metrolife Fashion Show has some familiar faces on board — for instance, choreographer Mithilesh Nyathappa, DJ Sandy and emcee Abbas. The three of them are stoked about being a part of the show again.

Mithilesh, who conceptualised the show and choreographed the teams for the brand round last year, says that the experience is one he still remembers. “Considering that last year was our first time, it went really great. We had so many colleges and there were so many variations on the two themes, which were ethnic and western. The clothes really made the competition. This time, I’m expecting the event to be as good — if not better,” he says.

Sandeep B R — popularly known as DJ Sandy — has regaled music lovers across the City with his upbeat tunes and now, he’s going to crank up the excitement levels at the Metrolife Fashion Show. He’s been behind the turntable at joints across the City for almost two years now, and is going to handle the music at the fashion show for the second time. The musician owes part of his establishment in the music career to his family and friends as they form his support system. “My parents have supported me throughout and they have been with me every step of the way. Even my friends and networks form a good support system.”

He’s pretty excited about being part of the Metrolife Fashion Show for the second year in a row, saying, “It felt great to do the music at the show last time. It was loads of fun and so, I’m glad I’m part of the show this time too. Last year’s show was a success, very well orchestrated. I’m looking forward to this one!”

Zuhair Abbas has a gift of the gab and as the emcee of the fashion show, he kept
the crowd enlivened throughout his stint on the stage. He’s stoked about
being back this season and says, “I think last year’s show was a success. There was a large number of people who came for the show. I think this year is going to be even better - partly because there are a large number of colleges who want to be a part of the show and also because this time around, the prizes are huge.”

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