District leaps to 23rd position in NREGA

District leaps to 23rd position in NREGA

District leaps to 23rd position in NREGA

There are 1.58 lakh card holders of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) out of which 4,561 people have benefitted with jobs.

Action plan of Rs 34 crore was formed and 305 works were in progress, while Rs 23 crore was at hand for further activities. District stands in 23rd position in NREG scheme, which has leaped from 30th position previously, said district in charge secretary Amita Prasad.
 She was addressing media after the DC’s phone-in-programme and said that it is instructed to take up works of  treating 24 watersheds under the same scheme. Among 4.29 lakh applications received under Sakala (from April 2 till August 16), 3.68 lakh were disposed. “99.12 per cent of files are disposed immediately.”

She said that Mysore stands at sixth place in sakala scheme and no official or staff is penalised. Education department has received least number of files-76.

 She said that among 21,000 children checked under malnourishment, only 162 were from rural areas, which clearly shows the nutrition level being higher in rural areas with many programmes of providing nutritious food done in villages through anganavadis. 15,600 children from urban areas were checked and 397 children were found underweight. 

Elaborating on review visits to villages, she said officials of all departments could visit entire taluks and villages for review of schemes of one department on a single day. This would help officials of other departments who are involved in the visit to criticise constructively.

She said that funds were available to take up drought management and water supply programmes. She said there was no shortage of fodder even. 

Joint director of agricultural department K R Krishnaiah said that district had registered only 234.6 mm (56 per cent) till date against 420.8 mm of rainfall. During August district should have had 37.4 mm of rain fall, but has 30.9 mm. 

Prasad instructed officials to serve selflessly respecting interests of public as drought prevails in district with decrease of 50 per cent in rain.