'Basic sciences still offer wide range of scope'

Students from 17 colleges take part in various contests

Basic sciences are still having a wide range of scope and opportunities, opined Mangalore University Chemistry Department Professor A M A Khader.

He was addressing a gathering after the inauguration of PU Inter collegiate competitions under the theme ‘The Many Faces of Chemistry’ organised by St Aloysius College Chemistry department in Mangalore on Thursday. “Chemistry is one of the basic sciences which is applicable in all sciences. Students should understand the need of studying chemistry and should try to explore the vast area of research under that, he said.

Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Science University Microbiology department head Professor Indrani Karunasagar was the main speaker on the occasion. She said that students should not merely study the subject, but should try to go beyond it and learn the application level of the subject. 

“Curiosity makes a good scientist or researcher. Many simple things and phenomena in our daily life have a complex procedure behind it. “Spider’s web is made up of the silk produced by the spider. These silks, in a pencil thickness, is stronger than iron. Like wise many interesting phenomena are around us,” she said. “The dedication to understand its depth makes a successful scientist,’ she added.

St Aloysius College Principal Rev Fr Swebert D’Silva, Vice Principal Ronald Pinto, Professor Ivan Pinto, Professor Richard Gonzalves were also present at the inaugural function. Nearly 160 students from 17 colleges took part in various competitions.

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