ZP V-P uncovers negligence in school during visit

ZP V-P uncovers negligence in school during visit

Local school officials grilled about mismanagement

ZP V-P uncovers negligence in school during visit

Zilla Panchayat vice president D V Harish has asked officers of the Akshara Dasoha to cancel Taj Charitable Trust’s midday meal contract. 

The trust has been allegedly supplying food of substandard quality to students of Medihala government school.

Harish, who made the decision after a surprise visit to schools and anganwadis, said that in the future, food must be prepared in the schools.

The statement was prompted by the discovery of poor-quality food which had been destined for the school. 

Stunned reaction

When the Zilla Panchayat vice president questioned headmistress Shakuntala, planning officer of Akshara Dasoha Subramanya, and Assistant Director Umadevi about the food, they were dumbfounded. Harish also noted that the food supplied is insufficient for needs of 205 students.

The vice president also conducted an inspection of a newly-constructed kitchen at the school and questioned Shakuntala as to why food was being brought in from outside when the school had facilities to have it cooked within the grounds. 

Shakuntala retorted that theft prevented food from being prepared at the school. 

‘Cook in school’

Harish has promised that after a consultation with gram officers, mid-day meals can be cooked at the school. The headmistress assured him that food will be prepared at the school from November. 

The Zilla Panchayat vice president explained that many students are forced to carry food from home because of the low quality of eatables served at the school. Many students had previously complained of stomach aches and had said that food was contaminated.

Additional inspections 

The vice-president’s visit to the Mudderi Primary Health Centre discovered a surplus of insulin injections in local stocks. According to records, the centre was allocated 450 insulin injections, but showed that it possessed 500 injections in stock.

The Zilla Panchayat vice president informed the Dr Lathapriya, Taluk Health Officer, to issue a notice to the pharmacy. He also reprimanded the attender on duty for appearing to work without his uniform. 

Water issues

During a visit to Mudderi Government High School, Harish ensured that water filters approved under the Jalamani Scheme were being fitted in water tanks. 

He also inspected the Primary Health Care at Ammanalur and surrounding government schools.