'State will regret if migrants are not protected'

'State will regret if migrants are not protected'

The exodus of North Eastern people from the City drew attention of the High Court on Thursday, with Chief Justice Vikramajit Sen expressing concern on the developments.

The Division Bench comprising Chief Justice and Justice Aravind Kumar asked Advocate General Vijay Shankar about the incident during a hearing on a petition seeking action against those who indulged in a recent moral policing act at a Mangalore homestay.

“Everybody in the State from other parts of the country are living in fear. What is happening?” asked the Bench. The AG, said there was no violence and it was rumours driving people away. “The Home Minister had visited these people in the railway station.

 Nobody said they had been threatened,” he added. But the Chief Justice pointed out that such incidents were happening frequently. 

When the AG linked Wednesday’s incident to clashes with Bodos in Assam, the Chief Justice questioned how was it connected with what was happening here. He asked the State to file details regarding the security measures taken within two weeks.

 “There is apprehension among the people who have come from outside. They feel their safety is jeopardised. Why is it happening in Karnataka? The State will regret it if this attitude continues,” the Bench observed. 

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