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The face of the show

Putting an end to all the speculation, actor Rakesh Vashisht has been finalised to play the male protagonist opposite Aamna Sharif, who is making a comeback on television with Honge Judaa Na Hum.

Rumours doing the rounds were that discussions and debates were on as to which telly actor would be paired opposite Aamna Sharif in the show.

If gossip was to be believed, noted names from the TV industry like Eijaz Khan to Aamir Ali and even Rajeev Khandelwal were being considered.

But recently, Aamna Sharif along with Rakesh were spotted shooting for the promo of the show at Bandra in Mumbai, thereby putting an end to all speculation.
The show will air on Sony Entertainment Television.


Hard to stomach

Welcome to the world of the weird! ‘Squeamish’ brings sick, strange and shocking habits and practices of people from all around the world, right into your living room.

In each short segment, the show will go beyond the gross and into the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of all the things that make you groan with disgust. From a man who collects and eats his own toenail clippings to a double-jointed boy who can skip through his own arms, the stories can be hard to stomach. But the science is truly fascinating.

 Watch the show on the Discovery Channel at 7 pm on August 18.

Logical explanation for bizarre facts

 Weird or What’ airs on August 18 at 7 pm on Discovery Science.
The makers of the show chooses to believe that there is a reason for everything — that everything that happens in our world, no matter how bizarre, no matter how baffling, can be explained. But sometimes, things happen that just defy logic.
‘Weird or What’ tries to use science to explain weird events that happen around us.

Musical ride for viewers

 In tonight’s episode of ‘Coke Studio’, music
producer Shantanu Moitra and his set of musicians will take viewers on a musical ride.
The mix of genres and the original compositions by singers like Kaushiki, Swanand, Usha Uthup, Anthony, and Bonnie will wash away the dust of the week and take its listeners to another world of beautiful symphonies.

 Get ready to feel every expression with some soul stirring melodies.
The second season of ‘Coke Studio’ airs on MTV at 7 pm on August 18.


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