Yardley for men

 The range has perfumed deodorant body sprays, talcum powder, after-shave lotion and shaving cream with a contemporary feel. The most popular piece in this collection is the Eau De Toilette priced between Rs 450 and Rs 550. The products are available at all retail stores across the country.

For your home

Mega Home Store has introduced festive home accessories that include aromatic candles, clocks, paintings, picture frames, ornamental flowers, pots and vases, cutlery and wine glasses, kitchen ware, lamps, pillows, upholstery, curtains and more. The products are available at all Mega Home store outlets across the country.

iPod’s new avatar

Apple has introduced the new iPod Nano, adding a video camera, mic and speaker. Music lovers can now shoot video wherever they are, view it on their iPod Nano. The new iPod Nano features an ultra-thin design with a larger 2.2-inch colour display and polished aluminium and glass enclosure. It also features a built-in FM radio with live pause. The new iPod Nano is available in an 8GB model for Rs.9,400 (MRP) and a 16GB model for Rs.11,200 (MRP), and comes in nine colours including silver, black, purple, blue, green, orange, yellow, red and pink. 

Milk mania

Britannia Industries Ltd has launched two new milk variants called Britannia Milk and Britannia Slims. The products, made of cow’s milk, are ultra high temperature treated products (UTP) and are hygienically packaged in tetra packs with a shelf life of four months. The milk pack —once opened — need not be boiled. Britannia Milk  is available at Rs 38 a litre and Slims is available at Rs 40 a litre at all retail  stores across the country.

Hand hygiene

Heritage Ayurvedic has launched a hand sanitizer called Chandrika. It reportedly kills most of the germs on your hands and does not require water. The sanitizer is made of ayurvedic essential oils and has a light herbal scent. Priced at Rs 30 for 50 ml, it comes in a handy pack which can be carried in handbags or school bags.