BU students to reassure migrants

Bangalore University students have taken up an initiative to personally visit educational institutions in the City and appeal to students from the North-Eastern states not to panic and rush back home.

Sanjeev Ningomvam, a student from Manipur who is heading the student team, told Deccan Herald that the group of students had various plans lined up for building confidence among the North-Eastern community in the City.

Ningomvam, representing the student community held talks with the Higher Education Principal Secretary Siddaiah and Higher Education minister C T Ravi, requesting them to allay the fears among students.

Called up parents

Ningomvam said, he personally called up the parents of many students on Friday and reassured them about the safety of their wards in the City.

“Parents have their information about the situation here from informal sources which has increased the panic.

I have been able to convince some of them to send their children back once the heat surrounding the issue calms down. There are others who are in dilemma. We hope to address their fears and convince them to come back.”

According to students from North-Eastern states, setting up helpline centres in colleges will neither help in a crisis nor contribute to reducing the fear factor.

“When there is a crisis, by the time we reach the helpline centres, the situation would have worsened.

We do not want to take chances,” a student of Bangalore University told Deccan Herald. The students instead want colleges to let them stay in hostels for the time being.

The team of students will start visiting colleges on Saturday.

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