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‘Firang’ trouble in ‘desi’ film

The trouble began when Vashu hired 350 foreign origin dancers from Pune to shoot a lavish dance sequence for his forthcoming film Do Knot Disturb. This irked the dancers from different countries residing in Mumbai and they threatened to boycott the shoot saying they would not allow the non-Mumbai foreigners to grab their share of the pie.

Night of the young

The night belonged to the young actors of Fast Forward and quite deservingly, they basked in all the attention. Wednesday night saw the premiere of Anjum Rizvi’s Fast Forward at a multiplex in Mumbai. The actors of the movie — Rehan Khan, Akshay Kapoor, Bhavna Pani, Sabina Sheema and Siddhanth Karnick did not want to show any airy acts and preferred to be pretty much on time before the guests arrived while producer Anjum Rizvi was the perfect host.

And amongst the guests were a host of television and film celebrities, who came to cheer the actors. They included Vidya Malvade with husband, Anjana Sukhani, Sanobar Kabir (who definitely caught the eye with her yellow accessories), Kabir Sadanand, Mita Vashist (who preferred to keep aloof most of the time), Shilpa and Apoorva Agnihotri, Tina and Hussain, Siddharth Kannan, Siddharth Malhotra and many more.

The guests couldn’t help but admire the dance moves in the movie and were seen congratulating the actors during the interval. The premiere surely got the nervous youngsters encouraged, who are now awaiting to see the performance of their film at the box office. The movie released on September 25.

A dream debut come true

It was one ‘walk in the room’ that film-maker Sujoy Ghosh will never forget in his entire lifetime. Busy auditioning dozens of girls for the part of Jasmine in his flick Aladin, the Jhankaar Beats director was eagerly awaiting that one face which could make him lock the heroine opposite Riteish Deshmukh. However, little did he know that he would eventually himself get tongue-tied the moment he would come across someone as perfect as Jacqueline Fernandez.

“Man, it was one moment that neither me nor my colleagues will ever forget,” remembers Sujoy. “Here, we were waiting endlessly for getting Jasmine for our Aladin and there Jacqueline walks into our office. Frankly, it was a Jim Carrey moment a la The Mask as our eyes literally popped out and we were left speechless. As filmy as it may sound, but at that very moment we knew that we had found our Jasmine. Her exotic looks made our decision so simple and we knew that it was end of our entire search.”
The girl in picture, Jacqueline herself, wasn’t too sure about that though. She was still in doubts whether she would actually be able to make it, courtesy her audition which she believed hadn’t gone all that great.

“I was wondering whether I had made a laughing stock of myself,” Jacqueline laughs. “It was my first month in the city and here I am asked to report for an audition. My Hindi wasn’t really terrific at that time and all I had done was converse a little with auto guys for transactional purposes.”

She remembers Sujoy being impressed with the way she conducted herself but realised that acting was a different ball game altogether. “Frankly, I thought my audition was a disaster,” Jacqueline says in a matter-of-fact tone. “I thought that I had lost all my prospects.” Well, Sujoy didn’t quite share the same sentiment.

No cold vibes?

Preity Zinta shot for a song with Kareena Kapoor for Main Aur Mrs Khanna. Now, there may be nothing new about two actresses sharing the screen space, but it was different this time around because both these ladies shared pretty cold vibes sometime back. It was Kal Ho Na Ho that had sparked of a war of words between the two.

However, there were no fireworks when the two shot for a song for the movie. In fact we hear Preity, who was down with high fever, refused to stall the shooting. On the sets, the two got along fine and danced their hearts out.

Jamie Foxx impresses with cello

Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx struggled to learn playing cello for his movie about a schizophrenic musician until he found out he could use his newfound talent to woo women. The Oscar winner portrays homeless cello prodigy Nathanial Ayers in The Soloist and was required to learn the instrument for the role. But the actor was lacklustre with his efforts to pick up the right notes, before realising the skill could prove useful.

“He learnt how to play the cello and he practised for six months. He was not fully committed for the first few weeks and then he discovered that girls quite like it when fellas play classical musical instruments and that upped his game," Director Joe Wright said. The Soloist takes a look at the friendship between a LA Times columnist played by Robert Downey Jr and a homeless man, characterised by Fox who dedicated his teenage learning to play the cello.

Throwing tantrums?

Rituparna Sengupta While most of the Bengali bombshells from B-Town have carved their niche by being bold and beautiful, there are some exceptions like award-winning actress Rituparna Sengupta. While Bipasha, Rani, Sushmita, Koena and Tanushree have flaunted their assets on screen, Rituparna refused to wear a bikini for her recent shoot of Dunno Y….Naa Jane Kyun, because she wasn’t aware of the fact that she has to wear a bikini in the film.

It took three hours for her designer Rehan and co-actor Yuvraaj to convince her that she would look classy in those scenes. Apparently, Rituparna told Yuvraaj Parashar, the hero of the film, who happens to be her on-screen husband, that she would require two weeks to shoot the scene. “I don’t want to look anything less than glamourous if I am doing a bikini shot in my film. So I had to lose weight so that I could look nice in that particular scene,” says Rituparna. Though director Sanjay Sharma was initially upset with Rituparna’s tantrums, finally when they shot the scene after two weeks, he was extremely happy with the result.

Charmer all the way

Prateik Babbar, the new sensation in Bollywood, walked the ramp for the first time for Kunal Rawal at the Fashion Week. It was a tip off a Cuban frenzy. The menswear show started to the rocking beats of a live band performance by Ankur Tiwari and Galat Family Band. Then came Kunal’s models, strutting down the ramp in a vibrant mix of Indian and Cuban wear.

 The show was ably choreographed by Marc Robinson where Prateik Babbar excitedly strode the ramp, smiling shyly with his eyes twinkling, as the showstopper. It was evident from his dazed look when all eyes were on him, that Prateik had taken to the ramp for the very first time. The audiences were cheering aloud for Prateik. A source close to the actor said, “Prateik really enjoyed walking the ramp.”

 ‘Hey guys, that's not me!’

A Sushmita Sen impersonator on the social networking site Facebook has started asking for money in her name for charity. After being inundated by anxious queries from friends, the Bollywood actress has clarified that she is not the one asking for money. “It's not a game. For this gentleman or lady, whoever he or she might be, charity obviously begins and ends at home. My impersonator has even opened an account where charitable Facebook participants can donate money,” Sushmita said. The actress, who says she is not net-savvy, is appaled by the development. "I've been smiling a little indulgently at all these fake Sushmita Sens on Facebook and Twitter. I thought as long as they were not harming me, let them have fun. But now when someone decides to open a charitable account on my behalf, it's time to seriously get up and do something to stop such people," she said.

Sushmita got to know of the impostor's monetary manoeuvres only when friends called to ask how many zeroes they should put on their cheques. "I was zapped! I was like…huh! I do love giving to charitable causes. But not in this tacky way. Whoever has the nerve to ask for money and open a website for the purpose trusted in my charitable instincts a bit too much," she said.

Cyber crimes like impersonation and abuse must be stopped, said Sushmita. "If you have a name that people can use then these things are bound to happen. So far I didn't mind my name being used by others. But now let me make it very clear I am not on Facebook, Twitter or anything. And I'm certainly not into asking for money for charity on the Internet. Hey guys,that's not me!"


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