Oscar allays fear of N-E students

Oscar allays fear of N-E students

We know it is 99.99 pc rumour, but do not want to take 0.01 pc chance, says a student

Oscar allays fear of N-E students

 The students of North East region residing in Mangalore expressed their apprehension over the impending tension that has loomed large over the people of their States residing in Bangalore and other Southern cities.

During Rajya Sabha MP Oscar Fernandes’s visit to the hostel of M V Shetty College of Nursing, the students of North East who were over 50 in number, said that their exams were nearing, but they could not concentrate on studies following the tensed atmosphere created due to the rumours of attack on their people residing in other cities.
Seeking safety reassurance from the government, BPT student Doodle told the MP that they were aware that the rumours were 99.99 per cent false.

“But we do not want to take chance and be the victim of that 0.1 per cent possibility of the occurrence of attack. We do not want to go back to our State quitting our studies. All we need is assurance from all the communities that we are safe here,” he requested.
Another student Nymiancha from Tibet asked why culprits who stabbed Tibetan boy Tenzin Dagyal in Mysore were not arrested yet.

 “Nothing has been done to those men who assaulted the boy. If you arrest the culprits, it would be an assurance that the government is with us,” she said.

Assuring the students that both the Central and the State governments would take up all measures to secure the people of North-East regions, Oscar Fernandes asked the students to make use of the All India helpline number in case of any threatening situation. “We already have a national helpline which could be linked to Mangalore city. The government has already banned the bulk sending of SMS. We will do all the needful to assure your safety,” M P Oscar Fernandes  affirmed.

The MP also informed that attempts are on to trace those who are spreading rumours via telephone messages and no offender will be let free. “Stringent action will be taken against those who are spreading the rumours of attack,” he said, adding that a special meeting will be organised in Delhi on August 24, to discuss the issue.
Mangalore MLA U T Khader went a step ahead and invited the students of North East for Iftar get together, in a move to build solidarity between the North East people and Muslim community members.

“There is nothing to worry and the students should not leave the city fearing rumours. You should be determined and face the challenges,” U T Khader said.