Indian-origin woman pulls UK bus by hair

Mighty mane

A 21-year-old Indian-origin woman, known as the ‘Iron Queen’, has pulled a 12-tonne double-decker bus in Britain with her hair in an attempt to break a world record.

The feat, performed by Asha Rani on Saturday in front of a large gathering of admiring crowds in the Leicester city centre, will now be verified before it is declared as a record.

To break the current record, she had to pull the bus more than five metres. Known locally as the Iron Queen, Asha Rani managed 17 metres and 20 cm, according to reports from Leicester. Asha Rani is mentored by Manjit Singh, 62, the Hoshiarpur-born strongman who has several records against his name, including pulling an airplane at the East Midlands airport bu a rope tied to his ears.

Manjit Singh said after Asha Rani’s feat: “There is no specific training for this, it is mind over matter whether it be breaking glass with your head or lifting things with your ears. Rani started learning three or four years ago and now she’s better than me.” 

Leicester-based Manjit Singh, who has amazed many with his strength and endurance skills by setting several Guinness World Records, moved to Britain in 1977 after a short tenure as a policeman in Punjab.

Manjit Singh and Asha Rani are raising money for a charity organisation which raises awareness about prostate cancer.

Rani in the past has also pulled a 5.7 tonne jet, 37ft along a runway at Leicester Airport, Stoughton, with her hair.

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