Music reviews

Music reviews

Pleasing vocals

The Bangalore Lalitha Kala Parishat presented a vocal recital, as its 777th programme, at the well known Dr H N Kalakshetra, Jayanagara, on Friday.

Vocalist Bellary M Raghavendra hails from a musician’s family. Trained by his father (M Venkateshachar) and uncle (M Seshagiri Achar), Raghavendra passed proficiency examination and practised morching and konakol also. He is serving the All India Radio, Mysore, as the programme executive.

At the concert, Raghavendra elaborated mainly two ragas: Kasiramakriya and Thodi. The lovely alap for Kasi Ramakriya augured nostalgic memories and the “Ramanatham Bhajeham” was rendered with good “Bhava”. In this composition, Dikshitar says, “I offer my obeisance to Lord Ramanatha ….”.

‘He bestows tangible beneficial boons on those who seek Him’.
It was followed by three evocative  compositions: Mam Palave, Easha Pahimam and Raka Shashivadana. Thodi, the majestic raga, was noted for its verve and had an arresting quality. The keerthane “Anjaneya Upasmahe” is an infrequent composition of M Seshagiri Achar and is not generally heard in concerts. The concluding compositions – Neene Ballidano, Yenagu Aane Ranga, Rama Nama Rasa – were equally touching.

Young H M Smitha on violin proved her mettle – especially in the ragalapana and swara prasthara. Senior percussionist T A S Mani is always a model to young aspirants and A S N Swamy on Khanjari followed the suit.

Usual flourish missing

G N Subramanyam was a senior musician, teacher and author of a few books. In his memory a veena concert was held at the Ananya Auditorium last week. H S Krishnamurthy’s disciple R A Dakshinamurthy has passed proficiency examination with distinction and is an MTech graduate.

Dakshina Murthy saluted god through “Sri Mahaganapathim”, and was followed by Nagagandhari. Two compositions – one each in Bhegade and Abheri – were pleasant. ‘Durmargachara’ and ‘Neeke Teliyaka’ – of Saint Tyagaraja, were brief but evocative. Without overstretching Purvi Kalyani Alapana he showed promise and Thana testified to his smooth playing. The composition ‘Marichitavo’ – stood out for good ‘Patanthara’. But the veena recital lacked the usual flourish and could not rise above expectations. Ramnath and N S Krishna Prasad accompanied on Mridanga and Ghata.

Technical glitch

The Sapthak felicitated Lalith J Rao, a senior exponent of Agra Gharana on Wednesday, which was followed by Lalitha Harish Kaikini memorial concert.
Vinayaka Hegde from Hirchadda Uthara Kannada district is a disciple of Pandith Ganapathi Bhat Hasanagi, a reputed vocalist. He was supported by Prakash Hegde on harmonium and Ganesh Bhagawath on Thabala.

‘Marubehag’ gave Vinayak Hegde a good start. Starting slowly, he gradually reached the Thara Shadja. Vilambith Ek Taal and Dhruth in Teen taal, his modulation and relish make pleasant listening. Rag Megh suited the season, which was in Madhyalay Jap Thal and followed by Dhruth Ek Thal. Despite frequent disturbances of the public address system, he sang with confidence! Unfortunately, he was forced to stop the concert abruptly after the devaranama “Shivana Bhajisiro”.

Earlier, Kailash Kulakarni also gave a vocal concert.

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