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An odd sort of fairytale

Shrek’ airs on August 21 at 7.15 pm on Movies Now. Lord Farquaad is obsessed with having the perfect kingdom, and to that end is rounding up and imprisoning fairytale creatures, most of who flee to Shrek’s doorstep for protection. To have a kingdom, you need to be a king, and Lord Farquaad decides the quickest way to kingship is to marry Princess Fiona. But, she’s locked up in a tower guarded by a ferocious dragon. Shrek comes to have a word with Lord Farquaad about getting the unwanted squatters off his property. He agrees to rescue the princess in exchange for this. 

Wealth from waste

Thunder Races’ is one of the most heart-thumping programmes for viewers. The team transforms car junk into hulking heaps of hit racing machines and then taking on each other for the ultimate prize. In tonight’s episode of ‘Thunder Races’, three teams are given just two days and 800 British pounds each to convert two old wrecks into one double-engined hybrid. Watch the show on Turbo at 10 pm on August 21.

The world’s greatest cities

We Built This City’ airs on Discovery Science at 7 pm on August 21.

 The show investigates how some of the greatest cities in the world — such as London, Paris and New York — rose to prominence through architectural, engineering and scientific breakthroughs. 

Using innovative computer graphics, each episode strips away the centuries to tell the amazing stories of their growth from green pastures to thriving metropolises.
 Special animation reveals how each city’s major structures were built, literally, from the ground up — or even from the underground up.
Huge star cast on screen

Ramesh Sippy’s magnum opus Shaan features one of the biggest star casts ever in a Hindi film. The movie has great songs like Yamma Yamma and Jaanu Meri Jaan and some good comic moments as well. It also marks the debut of Kulbhushan Kharbanda in the main villain’s role as the famous Shakaal. The movie stars Sunil Dutt, Shashi Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan, Shatrughan Sinha, Raakhee Gulzar and Parveen Babi and is directed by Ramesh Sippy. It airs on Zee Cinema at 9 pm on August 21.

Stuck in a post apocalyptic scenario

In ‘The Lost Survivor’, a group of post-apocalyptic survivors struggle to make it in a world where jungles and forests, primeval wetlands and deserts have obliterated civilisation. 

The movie is a gripping, nail-biting and harsh look at a reality in a world where nothing is as one knew it. 

It stars Sean Bean, Corey Sevier and Sam Claflin. Tune in to ‘The Lost Survivor’ on HBO at 9 pm on August 21.

On a deathly ride

Catch ‘Speed’ at 6.40 pm on Star Movies on August 21. Howard Payne (played by Dennis Hopper) threatens to kill people with explosives unless paid heavily by the government.
 He is about to get the money when Jack (essayed by Keanu Reeves), a rookie cop, stops him. Payne manages to escape Jack and his partner Harry (Jeff Daniels). 

A short time later, he manages to plant a bomb on a bus. Everything’s going good until the bus crosses a certain speed and now it has to keep at 50 mph to stop the bomb from exploding. 

Will Jack be able to come to the rescue now? Tune in to the movie to find out.

A sacrifice of love

Saajan airs on Zee Premier at 5 pm on August 21. Aman (Sanjay Dutt) is a physically-challenged orphan. When he is beaten up at school, the rich boy Akash (Salman Khan) supports him. Akash’s parents adopt Aman and they grow up as brothers. Aman becomes responsible and helps in his father’s business while Akash, thoroughly spoilt by his father, chases girls. Aman writes poetry in the pen name of Sagar. Pooja (Madhuri Dixit) loves his poems and hopes to meet Sagar one day. Aman meets her and falls in love with her. He is hesitant about telling her because of his handicap. When Akash meets Pooja, he falls for her. Aman decides to give up his love for his brother and insists that Akash pretends to be Sagar. Will Pooja see through their charade?

In a carnival-like atmosphere

An Idiot Abroad’ airs on TLC at 9 pm on August 21. The show focusses on the adventures of Karl — when his friends Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant find out he thinks the Seven Wonders of the World are a little exaggerated, they send him across the globe and out of his comfort zone. 

In this episode, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant send a reluctant Karl Pilkington to Brazil to see Christ the Redeemer. En route he experiences the vibrant Rio Carnival.