Have an affair to save marriage: British author

A secret romance should be a staple of British love lives, and fidelity and long-term exclusivity are like traps that make people “caged animals”, a French-educated British social scientist has written in a new book.

Catherine Hakim, in her book “The New Rules of Marriage: Internet Dating, Playfairs and Erotic Power”, says a “sour” view of cheating has weakened British family life by prompting couples to divorce. 

According to the Daily Mail, rather than having a rigid and unforgiving opinion on affairs, Britons should learn to be more liberal with their lovers, Hakim said.

The author said that a secret romance should be on a par with having dinner with your long-term partner.

Hakim advises married couples to look to the French for inspiration for successful relationships.

She says the French are “masters of seduction”, have a “philosophical approach to adultery” and allow their partners off the marital leash.

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