Women apply mehendi, develop boils

Many hospitalised in Bangarpet taluk; panic follows rumours of death

 Girls and women in the taluk, who applied mehendi on the occasion of Ramzan on Sunday, developed rashes and were rushed to the hospital.

Similar instances have been reported from Sundarapalya, Bethamangala, Bangarpet town, Kolar Gold Fields and other places.

Applying mehendi is a part of conventions for Muslim women during Ramzan. Women who applied the mehendi on Sunday night felt a burning sensation on their hands, which later developed into boils.

Rush to hospital

About 20 women developed rashes. Women were taken to hospitals for treatment. The government hospital in the town saw 200-250 Muslim women who sought treatment. The doctors who checked the women assured them that there was no problem, but could not alleviate their worriees.

The news of the rashes spread and some women tried to rub away the colour from their hands. While, some tried to apply lemon juice on the mehendi, which only worsened the condition of the boils.

“Rumours of some women dying, unable to recover from the boils spread like wild fire and we rushed to the hospitals regardless of whether we had problems from the mehendi,” said Sajjad, Karnataka Muslim Welfare Forum State unit vice-president.
Mehendi cones of a particular brand are said to have contained reactive chemicals, which caused the rashes.

Doctors clarified that the body temperature can reduce a little after applying mehendi. Using lemon juice to wash off the mehendi can only increase the burning feeling, but there is no need to panic, they added.

As a precautionary measure, sub-inspector Ashwatth Narayanaswamy and police staff members provided security at the hospital.

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