Go spiritual to de-addict

Today, a majority of us living in the so-called modern society have one or other form of addiction — alcohol, drugs, smoking, chewing tobacco, etc. Most of us know their adverse effects, yet we indulge in them out of curiosity, peer pressure, depression, frustration, or simply for relaxation after a hard day’s work.

But the most disturbing fact is that the majority of these addicts are in the age group of 11-30 years when their mind is tender and flexible, and with proper support and guidance, it has great potential to contribute to social upliftment. But sadly, the current scenario is something else. As a result, the crime rate is rising and social morality is eroding.

Barring the above-mentioned addictions, there are also some subtle forms of addictions like watching television, reading newspaper, Internet, SMS, tea, coffee... which most of us really do not acknowledge. However, some might argue them to be mere harmless habits and not really addictions. There is no doubt that watching TV, reading newspapers, drinking tea/coffee is bad.

But we need to check whether we are gradually becoming dependent on them? Because, any habit, sanskar or substance, which slowly overpowers us and which ultimately becomes irresistible for us, is an addiction. Hence, we need to ask ourselves, ‘Do I feel irritated on not getting to read the newspaper in the morning’?; ‘Do I get a headache on not getting the morning cup of tea/coffee’? If the answer is yes, then it’s a matter of concern for us.

One of the basic reasons for moral degradation is the lack of spirituality. Today, we have become slaves to our creations.

Hence, spirituality is the need of the hour to solve this crisis, as it helps us to know ourselves, gives us our true identity and make us realise our inner powers, which in turn help us to connect with the Supreme. And, once we connect with the Supreme Power, we will then never look for external, worldly things for pleasure to fill our internal vacuum, and become a peaceful being in His company.

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