Migration is vote bank politics, says Gadkari

BJP national president Nitin Gadkari on Monday said that due to the vote bank politics of the Congress serious problem has cropped up in Assam that led to riots and killing of innocent people.

Gadkari expressed fear of one more partition of the country if Congress did not stop its anti-country policies. He was addressing a public meeting organised by the state BJP on the Assam issue on Monday.

 “Stringent laws should be framed and implemented to deport all illegal Bangladeshis living in India. The problem of Assam is not only the problem of Assam, but of all the original inhabitants of the country. It should not be seen from a Hindu and Muslim angle,” he said.

He also added that Assam problem has been created by  the illegal Bangladeshis and the Congress government that encouraged the migrants for getting their votes.
The open borders of Assam and Jammu and Kashmir is about 1,500 kms long. Until a concrete wall is constructed on the entire border the problem of infiltration cannot be solved. Citing the example of Israel, Gadkari said the country has constructed wall on its 500 kilometre long border and sealed it with live electric wires.

“Can’t India construct such a wall? Only Rs 800 crore is required to construct concrete wall on the 1,500 kilometre border of India. The government can easily arrange Rs 800 crore for constructing the wall. But it will only happen if the government has the desire,” said Gadkari.

State BJP president Vijender Gupta also addressed the gathering, blaming Congress for creating a cancerous situation of illegal migrants all over the country.

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