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Caught in an insane battle

Blade III’ airs on August 22 at 9 pm on HBO. The movie stars Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson and Ron Perlman.

The bloodthirsty undead are at it again — a genetically modified race of creepy vampires, known as the Reapers, have emerged.  What is really scary, however, is that these tend to feast on the older vampires.

Which is why Blade makes a pretty tough decision — he joins forces with the Old Order vampires to eliminate the increasingly vicious Reapers — and finds himself caught in the middle of an insane battle.

Controlling some mighty machines

I Could Do That’ gives regular people the chance to get their hands dirty and take the controls of some seriously big and dangerous machines. From Monster trucks, cranes, freighters, locomotives, combine harvesters and hovercrafts to event military tanks. These machines can destroy a building or take a life in the blink of an eye, putting the participants in unique and precarious situations.

Watch ‘I Could Do That’ on Turbo at 8.30 pm on August 22.

Ignorance can be deadly

The universe is a dangerous place. Threats can come from any direction. But pop culture has played fast and loose with facts, and quite often, the things we know are all wrong.
What’s more, when you’re dealing with the universe, ignorance can be deadly.
That’s where Phil Plait comes in with this programme — ‘Bad Universe’ airs on Discovery Science at 7 pm on August 22.

An unfortunate love affair

Aitraaz airs on Zee Cinema at 9 pm on August 22. The movie stars Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Amrish Puri and Paresh Rawal. Raj Malhotra (Akshay Kumar) is working in a cell phone company.

He happens to meet Priya (Kareena Kapoor) a law student and falls in love. He marries her and lives a happy life. However, his past soon catches up with him.

His ex-girlfriend Sonia (Priyanka Chopra) meets him as Mrs Sonia Roy — the wife of his boss Ranjit Roy (Amrish Puri). She tries to get him back in her life. But Raj, who is now fully devoted to his wife, refuses her proposal and angered, Sonia charges him with rape.
What will happen next? Tune in to the movie to find out.

‘Salman has the heart of a tiger’

Film-maker-actor Sohail Khan is happy at the stupendous opening of Ek Tha Tiger and says it’s the best Eid gift Salman Khan’s fans could have given him. “It’s the happiest feeling anyone can have. I have seen the film, it’s a superb one. I think it’s the best Eidi that Salman bhai’s fans could give him,” Sohail says. “This film caters from the youngest to the oldest. This is one film the whole family can go and watch together,” he adds. According to reports, Ek Tha Tiger did a whopping business of Rs 32.95 crore in India alone on the opening day, breaking the record set by Agneepath, that collected Rs 25 crore on the first day.

Sohail adds that the film’s success is proof that Salman is a true tiger. “Yes, he has got the heart of a tiger. If you see, he has been working for the last 22 years. He has taken his time and the foundation is much stronger today. He is not like the paper tiger actors who feel if they come in front of media and create some kind of attention, they can create stardom. It is the love of the fans you have to gather for years to come to the position that Salman has come to (sic),” Sohail states, adding, “But you know, he is what his fans have made him. I’m really happy that he has got this loyal fan following.”

A night to remember

What Happens in Vegas’ airs on Movies Now at 7 pm on August 22. The film stars Cameron Diaz, Ashton Kutcher, Lake Bell, Dennis Farina, Queen Latifah and Rob Cordry. Joy (Cameron Diaz) is a levelheaded, career-focussed woman.

When her fiance unexpectedly dumps her, the New Yorker heads to Vegas with her friend, Tipper (Lake Bell), to forget her troubles and discover her fun and spontaneous side.

After a wild night, she wakes up married to out-of-work carpenter, Jack (Ashton Kutcher). Although the two want a quick divorce, things get complicated when Jack wins $3 million on a slot machine using Joy’s money. When a ruling judge refuses to settle the dispute and insists the pair spend six months living together, they each try to force the other to file for divorce and forfeit the prize.

Wonderful world of wildlife

Bindi The Jungle Girl’ spreads the idea of wildlife conservation by showing and teaching the world about different types of animals and explains what they are. Tune in to this marvellous show as Bindi — from her tree house perched high in a dense jungle — takes her viewers to every corner of the globe to meet her wonderful world of wildlife. ‘Bindi The Jungle Girl’ airs on Discovery Kids at 12.30 pm on August 22.

Too close for comfort

Shooting for Dekh Indian Circus turned out to be eventful for actors Tannishtha Chatterjee and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. The duo was bitten by insects, and had to get injections — something that Tannishtha has been scared of since childhood.

“While shooting for a scene with sheep, both Nawazuddin and Tannishtha, who went close to the sheep, got infected by tics. While shooting, Nawazuddin felt something crawling on his feet only to see insects which were biting and sucking his blood,” says a source from the unit.

When the actor checked with Tannishtha, she realised the insects were biting her too. As a result, both of them ended up with swollen feet and a bit of bleeding as well.
 The locals present at the shoot suggested putting salt and turmeric on the wounds, but a doctor was also called for a check-up.

The doctor gave Nawazuddin an injection and prescribed some medication, but Tannishtha was terrified of being injected.

“Tannishtha screamed like a child seeing the injection and both the child actors started laughing and joking about Tannishtha being scared, as they were not. Plus, Tannishtha was playing the role of their mother in the movie,” adds the source.

Nevertheless, the actress was finally convinced by Nawazuddin, who told her that the injection was essential to rule out any infection. Dekh Indian Circus is directed by Mangesh Hadawale of Tingya fame.