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Reverse psychology for Salman

Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan have been in the news for several reasons now — first, due to their alleged relationship. Then, because the string of hits they delivered to the audience and their supposed break up.    But even today, both the actors claim to share a great rapport — and if anything illustrates this point it’s their sizzling chemistry in Ek Tha Tiger .

The film seems to have the potential to break all records at the box office. Recently, both Katrina and Salman commented on the wonderful rapport they share. While Salman admits he is scared of his former girlfriend’s streak of anger, Katrina says she has to use
reverse psychology to make him do anything the way she wants it done.

Salman claims that he is petrified of Katrina, especially when he suggests any changes in a movie script on the spot or starts laughing while they are enacting a scene together, since this makes her particularly angry. Katrina, though, has her own complaints about Salman.

She reveals that whenever she tells Salman to do something, he does exactly the opposite.  So now, the clever Katrina uses reverse psychology on him and tells him
exactly what she doesn’t want — so that he does what she wants. 

A sequel in the pipeline

There have been reports that the Sunny Deol-starrer Ghayal Returns has hit a roadblock, but director Rahul Rawail dismisses these claims and says that he is currently working on the script.

“The sequel will definitely be made. But I am working on the script. I can’t talk about the film or any other details related to the project,” he says. Earlier, Sunny had roped in Ashwini Chaudhury of Jodi Breakers fame to direct Ghayal Returns. But due to some disagreements between Sunny and Ashwini, the association did not materialise. Sunny then handed over the project to director Rahul, with whom he had worked 12 years ago in Arjun Pandit.

Ghayal Returns is the sequel to the 1990-hit action film Ghayal, which had Sunny and Meenakshi Seshadri in the lead. “Both Sunny and Rahul did not want to go ahead with the story that Ashwini had penned. So, Rahul is working on a fresh story which is different from what Ashwini had conceptualised,” a source close the project says. The sequel is likely to go on floors next year. “Rahul had several ideas about Ghayal Returns and Sunny has selected one. Rahul is working on the idea. To develop a good story will take time — say about six months or so,” the source adds.

There have been rumours that Vidya Balan and Bipasha Basu were approached for ‘Ghayal Returns’. But as of now, only Sunny has been finalised for the sequel and the makers have not zeroed in on the leading lady. “Once Rahul is done with his script, then we will approach the actress,” the source adds.

Without any retakes

Actor-producer Aushim Khetarpal claims that he has accomplished giving shot after shot — without retakes — for his film Baba Ramsaa Peer. Generally, three or four shots get a nod from the director in the first take itself. However, the scene was totally different on
the sets of Baba Ramsaa Peer.

Aushim claims that he was giving perfect shots consecutively and didn’t come across any slip of tongue, mispronunciation or any other hurdle once the camera was rolling. Aushim adds that he was perfectly imbibed in the role of Baba. The movie was shot extensively in Mumbai, Jodhpur, Jaipur and Roncha village.  It depicts the life history of the princely saint from the western coast, who was the first to spread the message of Hindu-Muslim unity in the 14th century. The film is slated to release on September 7.

Professional to the boot

Nana Patekar has always been known as a thorough professional. The actor refuses to allow any problems to get in the way a good shot. In fact, he recently impressed everyone on the sets of Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal. Despite a back injury, he turned up on the dot for shooting.

When asked about his pain, the actor was quite to retort — “Injuries are like guests. If you treat them well and pamper them, they stay back and refuse to go away. You need to be aloof about their existence and they leave as quickly as they came.”

A guffawing Nana Patekar effortlessly lifted Shreyas Talpade on his shoulders for a pose for the Priyadarshan-directed Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal, as though to prove his point.

“It is important for each of us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We need to let go of addictions. I have — so can you. And once you are healthy, go for walks, do yoga and quit bad habits like smoking and drinking, you will be fit and fine,” says Nana.

A look at the actor — who has just turned 62 — is proof enough of this mantra.