'Five SMSes are too less'

'Five SMSes are too less'

'Five SMSes are too less'

Why is the government doing this to us?” This is the reaction of most college students after the ban imposed by the government on bulk SMSes and MMSes. It has been imposed to check spread of rumours, which led to the exodus of North-Eastern people from certain states.

The ban clearly states that no one will be able to send more than five SMSes in one day till August 31. The service providers have implemented the ban mostly in cases of prepaid connections. As a result, youngsters, who are dependent on free messages, are finding it very difficult to communicate and some also feel that it is a curb on their freedom of expression.

Chaitanya, a student, who sends nearly 70 messages in a day, says that limiting it to just five has been a challenge. “I do understand the reason behind the ban. They could have set the limit at 10 or 15 in a day. By the time I reply to even one message, my limit is over. As students we can’t really spend all our currency in making calls,” he adds.

The first two days of the ban were the most challenging for many. The frustration was seen on many students’ faces. Especially since it was a long weekend. For Paula, another student, connecting with her friends was very difficult. “All of us send messages to each other. It’s always easier because if one is busy, he or she will at least notice the text when one is free. But now we have to think twice before actually sending a message. It’s the most prized thing on campus,” says Paula.

John, another student, is very stressed and feels that the government has been rather unfair.  For someone who sends close to 400 messages in a day, John says that restricting to just five has been the most difficult thing for him.

“Has the ban actually helped in controlling the situation? I don’t think so. The impact has already been made and the way I see it if someone has to cause the damage he will do it with or without the ban,” he adds.

Some students like Pavithra have started using alternative ways to connect till the end of the month. “There is nothing much one can do now. So it’s best to use other means of connecting for free. In college, I message in case of an emergency only, but at home I am logged into my gmail account. All my friends and I chat out there,” she says.