Binge on this healthy snack

Binge on this healthy snack

Binge on this healthy snack

Corn is delicious and we all love to binge on this snack as pastime or to kill hunger pangs. Bhuttawallas putting up their stalls at every corner of the City during the rainy season share the story of Delhiites’ fetish for corns.

Not only good old roasted bhuttas and popcorn, they are loved in various new forms also. Boiled corn smeared with chaat masala and sweet corn has got popular too.

However, apart from being tasty, this popular snack is high in nutrients also. It is a good source of fibre, carbohydrates (mainly starch), thiamin, and other basic vitamins and minerals such as B1, B5 and C. Because of these qualities, it is good substitute for any cereal and other snacks.

It is best to have them unripe for all of its nutrients remain intact. However, it doesn’t taste that great. Boiled corn with a little but of salt and lemon on it makes it a sumptuous treat.

“Corn is healthy, light and beneficial in comparison to many other snacks we binge on such as chips, pastries, ice cream. It is good also for those who are on weight reducing diet if they don’t add butter to it,” says dietician Sandhya Pandey.

Since it is high in fibre, corn helps in digestive problems like constipation and haemorrhoids, lower cholesterol level and sugar level.

Of all forms, boiled corns are best for health as and people who are calorie conscious can take it without being conscious of weight gain. Frozen corn, like any other frozen food item, loses its nutrients. Though usually thought as a vegetable, corn is actually a grain.

“It is not a fruit or vegetable so it cannot be a substitute for them. It is a substitute for any cereal. It gives energy and kills appetite. Corns can do wond­e­rs if made a salad of them without adding butter to them. Make a salad of corn, mushroom and peas; it is very filling,” says Sandhya. With so much goodness, it definitely deserves to be on our food platter.