Cong promises home to women in Gujarat

Some are calling it a desperate political sop, others, the Congress’s roadmap to power in Gujarat. But for the party in the state, it is time to smile, if numbers are anything to go by.

The Congress has promiseed housing for women in Gujarat at dirt cheap price if elected to power. The party has started distributing “forms” meant for enrolment to the scheme and during the first few days, thousands have turned up at the distribution centres.

According to a survey done by the Congress, as many as 15 lakh women are without homes in the state and the party has assured that if voted to power, it will provide home to the homeless for which they have already started distributing forms in various parts of the state. But the drive has led to some embarrassing moments as well, with skirmishes between the party workers and applicants reported at several places. The party critics have also termed it as unfair, saying the distribution of form amounted to legitimising a sop even before the poll outcome. But the Congress is unfazed by the criticism, already having dispatched over 25 lakh such forms to several district and rural centres.

The Congress recently announced what it calls a 12-point people development vision, promising home ownership to every woman of the state if it came to power. To begin with, the party says women living below the poverty line would be given housing at cheap rates of Rs 75000 to Rs 2 lakhs.


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