'Make him laugh and get Rs 10,000'

Guru Siddaiah in action at a programme

He is certainly not a circus artist but this man somebody whom we can see at Rambhapuri Dasara Darbar and Jana Jagruti Dharma Sammelan, no matter where it takes place. He is the one who invites Swamiji to these programmes.

This man was ready as usual to welcome Swamiji to the venue of Dasara Darbar at DACG Polytechnic premises, when Swamiji came to address his devotees on Friday at 6.30 pm.
Guru Siddaiah is his name and he hails from Arakalagodu in Shollapur.

Though local people of Chikmagalur have named him as S Mattada, it does not make a difference to him by what name they address him. May it be marriage or naming ceremony, house warming ceremony or any other programme, this person is called by the people to stand at the entrance and welcome people.

Siddaiah gets an invitation from Rambhapuri Mutt for all their programmes, 2 months in advance.  With welcoming people to auspicious programme as his source of livelihood, he sustains four members of his family too with this income.

The man who makes everyone laugh with just one sight challenges people to come and make him laugh. “If somebody succeeds in making me laugh, without touching me, I will give them a cash prize of Rs 10,000,” he declares. He gets disability pension of Rs 400 per month from the government but he talks in length about how his efforts to get a bus pass done for himself failed miserably.

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