Muttanna scorches pool with six gold

Muttanna scorches pool with six gold

Muttanna scorches pool with six gold

 Mahajana College student M K Muttanna set the pool alight at the University of Mysore Swimming pool bagging six gold medals here on Thursday.

He was participating in the inter-collegiate swimming championship organised by the University of Mysore and won six individual gold medals and a silver in the relay race. In all there were 62 swimmers from Mysore, Mandya, Hassan and Chamrajanagar districts.
A final year student of BBM, Muttanna had gained sixth position in the inter-university swimming championship representing University of Mysore.

Only two women!

Even this year, only two women participated in the championship. Out of three girls who registered only two participated. In the four events that was held, JSS Women’s College’s Minaz Ahmed bagged four golds and Maharani College’s C M Pooja bagged four silver.

200 mtrs breaststroke: M K Muttanna (Mahajana College)-first, C D Mohan (PGSC)-second, Vinayak Prasad (Maharaja’s College)-third, time:3min 2.83 seconds;
100 mtrs backstroke: M K Muttanna-1, C D Mohan-2, Madhu (Maharaja College)-3, time:one min 32.02 seconds;

400 mtrs freestyle: M K Muttanna-1, C D Mohan-2, Vinayaka Prasad Nayak (Maharaja’s College)-3, time:one min 25.89 second;

50 mtrs backstroke: M K Muttanna-1, C D Mohan-2, Adith Nagaraju (Mahajana College)-3, time: 3 min 33.28 second;

4X100 mtrs medley relay: PGSC (Yellappa, C D Mohan, Srikanth, Prasad Kumar)-1, Mahajana College (Niksheparaj, M K Muttanna, Adith Nagaraj, Sanab)-2, Maharaja’s College (Madhu, Krishnamurthy, Vinayaprasad Nayak, Raju)-3, time:8 min 19.11 second.

200 mt breaststroke: MInaz Ahmed (JSS Women’s College)-1, time: 4 min 39.46 second;
100 mtrs backstroke: Minaz Ahmed-1, C M Pooja (Maharani College)-2 time:2 min 14.90 second;

400 mtrs freestyle: Minaz Ahmed-1, C M Pooja-2 time:9 min 22.27 second;
50 mtrs backstroke: Minaz Ahmed-1, C M Pooja-2 time: 56.60 second.