'Boys propose, we dispose, it's our right'

'Boys propose, we dispose, it's our right'

Rural women urge governments to encourage fellow farmers

'Boys propose, we dispose, it's our right'

First year BCom student of Maharani’s Women’s College Shruthi clamoured that women have their own rights to take decisions.

She was speaking at the third district-level women’s convention organised by Mysore district committee of All India Mahila Samskruthika Sanghatane (AIMSS) here on Thursday.
Citing an incident in support of her statement, she propounded that girls have all rights to reject love proposal of boys, as they have the same to express themselves.


She said that it was apt for her to express her opinion as there are incidents of jilted lovers stabbing the girls.

Elaborating on the mindset of such youth, she said, boys who feel degraded when they are given the brush off would indulge in activities of harming girls, which many a times would claim lives of innocents.  

Thayamma, a rural woman stressed upon encouraging women farmers. She said ryots in India are called as backbone of the country but their problems always fall on deaf ears. Government has most of the times not been friendly in making policies for agriculture related issues. “Backbone provides support but is neglected by those who have to aid it.”
Women in agriculture could be on par with men in success, if they are encouraged by government, she added.

State secretary of AIMSS B R Aparna inaugurated the event and called upon women to rise their voice against atrocities committed against women and strengthen self confidence.

Stating that women face discrimination from status of foetus to graveyard, she said, they are exposed to various discrimination acrosss life.

She said that it was not enough if women imitated men in dress sense, it was more important to lead a dignified life, which could be attained only if they were aware of their rights. “We need equality to fight for our rights.”

Commenting on increased incidents of molestation acrosss country, she opined that women should be ready to fight back such cases. “They should take to the streets to oppose atrocities, only then men guilty of crime should be punished.”Women have immensely obtained success in all fields and they are on par with men, but on the other hand they are subjected to assault, which is regretful. Women could heave a sigh of relief only if dowry, rape, acid attacks and other evils are viewed seriously and severe punishment meted out.

Elaborating on women liberation, she said, it is often misinterpreted. The meaning does not hold good, if women are allowed to work as bartenders but are seen as sex objects.
National general secretary H G Jayalakshmi, state vice president Prathibha Kumari, member Nalina and P S Sandhya of district committee were present.