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Tv talk

A matter of life and death

Watch ‘Final Destination 2’ on HBO at 9 pm on August 26. The movie stars Ali Larter, A J Cook and Michael Landes.

Death may be closer than it appears. This sequel to the highly-successful teen horror flick ‘Final Destination’ brings a group of friends together on their way to a holiday in Daytona, Florida. While on the road, a college freshman called Kimberly has a horrific premonition of a highway accident pileup.

Based on her vision, she manages to thwart the accident, thereby saving herself and her friends from a violent and premature demise. But Death will not be cheated twice — as a result, Kimberly, her friend Clear and the others who escaped their fate on the road find themselves struggling to stay alive.

Glimpse of unique collections

For a select few, success in the business world is a territory that has been long conquered.
 Instead of sitting idle, these men embarked on a new challenge to scour the earth for pieces of modern history to add to their million-dollar collections.
From iconic sports artifacts, cars that sped to racing victory or guitars that have simply rocked the world, these are without doubt some of the most important artifacts of our time. Step inside the most spectacular private collections in the world and understand how — and when — they were acquired. ‘Million Dollar Collections’ airs on Turbo at 8 pm on August 26.