In an action mode

In an action mode

In an action mode

Shiva is not only Shivarajkumar’s 101st film but it is also the first time actress Ragini Dwivedi is seen opposite the ‘Century Star’. And the actress reveals that she is not nervous about the movie.

“It’s a fabulous movie and I am confident that the audience will love it,” says Ragini, who plays the role of a Christian girl in the film.

Working with Shivanna was an experience she says she will never forget. “This is my first film with him but Shivanna has an aura of comfort around him. And like I always say, no matter how many films one has done, there is always something to learn from each one of them. I have learnt so much from Shivanna and I am sure if I do get an opportunity to work with him again, I will only be learning more,” she adds.

Ever since ‘Ragini IPS’, the actress has been in action mode. And she reveals that the audience will get to see a sneak peek of her action side in Shiva as well. “I enjoy doing action sequences. In Shiva, I have participated in chase sequences as well. I also rode a bike in the movie and in the climax fight, I even carried a gun for the first time in my life. It was really exciting,” she says.

Ragini says that her character in Shiva has many layers. “There was a lot of scope for performance in the movie. My character has so many shades and I have really worked on every aspect of my role –– looks, hair, make-up and clothes –– to really fit the role to the ‘T’,” she adds.

Interestingly, the actress stayed away from watching the movie before the actual release. The reason?

“I wanted to watch the movie on the first day, first show with the audience. There is a
certain thrill in watching it along with them,” she sums up.