India as global leader; youth have a role to play, says higher edn minister

C T Ravi at freshers day of University of Mysore

 Minister for higher education C T Ravi on Friday exhorted the youth to play a role in catapulting India to the position of a global leader.

Addressing a huge gathering of students at the fresher’s day celebrations organised by the University of Mysore at Senate Hall, Ravi urged the youth to dream for country’s prosperity and work on realising the dream. Literally coaxing young denizens, the minister said; no tax is levied on dreaming, but it should not be a day dream.

Referring to the universities of yore in the ancient period like Nalanda, Benares, Takshashila and Kashi, that had produced many think tanks, the minister said most of the experts in USA are from India. “If those experts return to their motherland, imagine the fate of that country,” the minister said. Saying that isms like communalism and casteism, and of late money is playing a key-role in the varsities, the minister said knowledge should reign over all other factors in the universities.

Or else, unproductive factors will come in the way of the development. He said that India has always won over others with its knowledge, rather than using a weapon.
Citing the examples of countries like Vietnam and Cambodia, the minister said that these nations still follow the ideals of Bhagwan Buddha. More than that Cambodia is named after a great saint called ‘Kamba’.

The minister reiterated that India still has all the qualities from history to present, to be a leader. Barring India, no other nations like Russia, USA, China to name a few have restored the faith of other countries.

He also mentioned about former president APJ Abdul Kalam’s ‘Vision 2020’, and gave a call to the youth to gear up and turn the former president’s vision into a reality.
Earlier, the minister inaugurated a learning resource centre for visually challenged.
Vice-chancellor of University of Mysore Prof  V G Talawar, former vice chancellor Prof K Chidananda Gowda,  dean of Science Syed Akhil Ahmed and others were present.

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