AP cops unearth cash trail in Gali bail scam

The Anti-Crime Branch of the Andhra Pradesh Police, in a charge sheet filed in a Hyderabad court on the cash- for-bail scam, claimed that the masterminds used the Rs 9.5 crore booty to clear debts and purchase gold.

According to the chargesheet, Rs 5.5 crore was retained by Yadagiri Rao, the middleman, while Rs 1.60 crore was paid to Chalapathi Rao, a retired judge. Pattabhirama Rao, the CBI judge, received Rs 1.40 crore while Aditya T, a junior advocate, got Rs 1 crore.

Yadgiri Rao spent his share in clearing debts and purchasing jewellery and car. While he payed Rs 17.08 lakh to one Kundan Sirvi, to whom he had mortgaged some jewellery, Yadgiri spent Rs 8.1 lakh to buy a new car, besides purchasing jewellery worth Rs 3.55 lakh.  
Chalapathi Rao, who convinced CBI judge Pattabhirama Rao to grant bail to Reddy, opened three gold loan accounts in different banks in Hyderabad. He also gave his brother-in-law Rs 48 lakh, to be deposited in bank.

Pattabhirama Rao deposited his share of Rs 1.40 crore in five lockers in Corporation Bank's Ashok Nagar branch. These lockers were booked by Chalapathi Rao who handed over the keys to T Ravi, Pattabhirama Rao's son. The police claimed to have tracked 30 phones including six land lines, used by the accused while hatching  conspiracy.

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