For career, she put the unborn in danger

 The fact that career comes first in these times is well-known, and women at times delay marriage and having children.

But a woman constable in Uttar Pradesh police did something unexpected to give a boost to her career.

The constable, who was seven-month pregnant, put her life and that of her unborn baby in danger in her attempt to become a sub-inspector.
She joined the rigorous police training, during which she would have to perform a number of physical activities.

Her delivery, according to sources, was due in October.
According to police officials, Santosh Devi, a constable in the intelligence department, had been selected for the post of sub-inspector after a departmental examination recently. She was to join the training at the Police Academy in Moradabad.

Santosh, who was seven-month pregnant, hid the fact from her superiors and reported on time to the academy to join her other colleagues a few days back.
Just as the training programme was to begin after allotment of hostels, the report of her pregnancy came to the knowledge of her superiors.

“She was immediately called by senior officers and apprised about the risk she was taking by undergoing the rigorous training. She was asked to leave the training and go back to her duty in the intellige-nce wing,” said a police official here.

The official said the constable refused to leave the training, saying it was her dream to become a sub-inspector.

“We had a tough time convincing her,” said the official.
Santosh finally agreed to follow the advice of the officials when she was assured that she would be taken back in the training at a later stage.

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