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Book Rack

Gods of War

Ashok K Banker
Penguin, 2009, pp 282, Rs 299
Five ordinary people from vastly different regions of planet Earth, are brought together by an ancient Hindu god... Can this unlikely quintet succeed in their seemingly impossible mission of travelling to the end of time and space to bring peace to the world? Asking the boldest questions of our time, an entertaining epic adventure is unfolded.

The Blue Notebook
James A Levine
Hachette, 2009, pp 206, Rs 250
The story of Batuk, a 15-year-old girl from rural India who was sold into sexual slavery by her father when was just nine. As she navigates the grim realities of the Common Street — a street of prostitution in Mumbai where children are kept in cages as they wait for customers — she manages to record her private thoughts and stories in a diary.

A Different Spirit: An Authorised Biography of Malathi K Holla
Anantha Krishnan M
Mathru, 2009, pp 80, Rs 200
The story of Malathi K Holla, one of the most inspiring sports personalities of modern India, who despite being paralysed waist down, chose sports as the best alternative medicine to forget her pain. With over 300 medals in her kitty, she was conferred the prestigious Arjuna, Ekalavya and Padma Shri Awards.

The Perplexity of Hariya Hercules
Manohar Shyam Joshi
Translated by Robert A Hueckstedt
Penguin, 2009, pp 155, Rs 199
Harihar Datt Tiwari, better known as Hariya Herclues because of the bicycle he rides is unflappable. An infinitely patient man, he spends all his free time attending to his blind, chronically constipated father, who, before being afflicted with chronic bad luck, was a pillar of society. The narrator tries to put together the different versions of Hariya’s journeys and motives, after the death of his father.

Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Deception
Eric Van Lustbader
Hachette, 2009, pp 423, Rs 275
Jason Bourne finds himself engaged in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a dangerous assassin stalking his every move. Soon he is ambushed and forced underground — taking on a new persona. Vulnerable and on the run, he begins to question who he is and how much of him is tied up in the Bourne identity.

The Walled City
Esther David
Westland, 2009, pp 200, Rs 250
Vibrant with the sights, sounds and shifting moods of Ahmedabad, the walled city of the title, the author’s perceptive novel traces the rigidly  circumscribed lives of three generations of women in an extended Jewish family in the city. The novel unravels the narrator’s struggle to reconcile her Jewishness with the exuberance of the alien ethos in which she grows up and to which she is drawn.