Activists seek details of Yamuna fund

Save Yamuna activists marched here on Sunday demanding to know what had happened to the huge sums of money claimed to be spent on cleaning the river.

“Thousands of crores of rupees have gone down the drain in the past two decades,” activist Naresh Paras told IANS, reflecting a popular view. “The fate of the three Yamuna Action Plans is all too visible to those who come to see the Taj Mahal along its banks,” he said.

Paras and othes walked from Haathi Ghat to Lal Ghat to draw attention on the state of the river and sought a white paper on all expenditure incurred by UP and central authorities.

Wake Up Agra president Shishir Bhagat said the treatment plants along the river bank were not working and entire city’s sewage is flown directly into the river.  “It is a criminal offence to pollute water resources, but the UP Pollution Control Board officials are apparently sleeping,” Devashish Bhattacharya, a social activist.

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