BJP charges ministers with dubious roles

Senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley has come up with a shocking revelation in an internal write-up, accusing UPA’s ministers of state for coal of playing a “dubious role” in natural resource allocations.  

Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Jaitley also charged that the coal blocks were allocated with “underlying condition of political funding of the party in power,” indicating that mining licences were given on assurance that private parties would fund the ruling UPA. 

Jaitley’s write-up pasted on the BJP website was circulated by the party’s media cell to journalists on Sunday evening as the senior lawyer’s official reaction on the coalgate scam.

While castigating the “arrogant and despotic” UPA government, Jaitley writes that the corridors of power in New Delhi are full of information on the coalgate scam.

The BJP is demanding the prime minister’s resignation over the fact that he doubled as coal minister five out of the eight years when the scam was brewing.
Nine bits

In the write-up, Jaitley listed nine pieces of information he picked up from the corridors of power to expose arbitrary selection procedure, designed to function on the dictates of powerful persons in government. Sample some of these:

A)  “Some of the ministers of state did not come out with any credit. Their role in these allotments appears to be dubious”.  

B) “Disturbing information has surfaced that a valuable public resource was being
allocated arbitrarily with the underlying condition of political funding of the party in power”.

 C) “Screening Committee mechanism was a farce. Individual writ of few people who were running the government influenced the decision”.

D) “Successful applicants were asked to associate one or more co-allottees by the ministry. These were inevitably the political nominees”.

The MP’s allegations are likely to intensify the fight between the archrival political alliances – UPA and NDA – over fixing of responsibility in the biggest ever loot of natural resources as the CAG has pegged the presumptive loss at Rs 1.86 lakh crore.

The BJP leader argued that “if the process of allocation by the prime minister as a coal minister smacks of arbitrariness it shakes our national conscience. The onus is now on the prime minister to accept the responsibility for what has happened.  

“A debate is an essential ingredient of Parliament but so is accountability. If a debate is being used today to put a lid on accountability then an alternative strategy is necessary. Parliamentary obstructionism should ordinarily be avoided. However, in the rarest of rare cases, obstructionism also bring its dividends,” he remarked giving the example of 2G scam where Raja had to go due to political pressure.

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