'Govt must deport illegal immigrants'

Instead of addressing the displacement of indigenous tribals in Assam, the government has been distracting attention to alleged media content originating in Pakistan, said VHP international working president Pravin Togadia in a statement on Sunday.

The severity of the issue of infiltrators from Bangladesh poses security risk to the country, said Togadia. People are already facing job crunch and there is shortage of land and food, said the statement. Choosing illegal immigrants over citizens for political gain is a serious matter, it stated.

According to the VHP, immediate arrangements must be made for people from the Northeast, who had to flee from some metros, to return to where they were working or studying.  

The VHP state secretary general said illegal migrants are known to spread crime in the Capital, and despite a repeated court chase only 1,076 infiltrators have been arrested so far, whereas over 3,000 cases have been filed with Delhi Police.

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